We create the world we live in

Part of our philosophy at Sonic Solar is that we have the ability to create the world we live in, both internally and externally. We will not allow ourselves to sit back and watch the world go down a path of unsustainable energy and environmental practices when there is something that we can do to change things for the better. There are many things that help contribute to a cleaner society, but we truly feel that going solar is the simplest way for homeowners to do their part in creating a sustainable future.

Time and time again we have seen that the big energy companies have their own interests at heart as they continue to raise their rates every year and burn fossil fuels. There have been cleaner technologies available for decades, and with the Federal Tax Credit still available, the time to go solar is now. Let us help you take advantage of the sun and make the simple switch to solar.



Impacting Future Generations

This is way more than solar.

We love being able to do things today that will shape the world and environment of the generations to come. We have families and children, and we want their children’s children’s children to enjoy this beautiful land we live and grew up on.

Check out what we are doing to create this Impact.